Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Well, my last blog post (actually the one Lauren wrote for me) was written when we just moved to Indiana. Now we are living in Connecticut! Just because I didn't write anything while we were in Indiana doesn't mean that nothing happened. Actually, some of the most significant events happened while we lived there. We loved Indiana! It became our home--and when Rob got a new position with The Hartford, I wasn't sure I wanted to leave. But here we are! In Indiana, I was able to be a school "librarian"--my dream job. It only lasted for a year because of our move to CT, but I'll be forever grateful for that experience. Lauren is almost finished with her Sophomore year at BYU-I and will be 20 years old this month! Drew graduated from high school (after just 3 years!) and completed summer term at BYU this past summer. He just submitted his mission papers last Sunday, so we're waiting for his mission call! He's working at ShopRite to earn some money and spend time with us before he leaves in early 2015. Anthony is a sophomore in high school and kept busy swimming for HSE Swim Club while we were in Indiana. He's now running cross country for Canton High School (whose XC team is first place in the state!). He earned his Eagle Scout Award just before we left Indiana. He's such a hard worker! Trevor is in middle school!! (My baby is in middle school!) He no longer wears glasses (he wears contacts instead), loves making people laugh, and is almost as tall as I am!! How can I write 3 years' worth of details in one blog post? I don't know where to start--but I can say that I'm very blessed with a great husband and beautiful, obedient children. We love our extended family and we love the Lord. I'm going to do my best to record our family history here as often as I can. Wish me luck!

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