Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Kids!

Look at our cute kids!! This picture was taken on Christmas Eve, 2007!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Our girla!! Isn't she beautiful?!!!! Lauren is growing up so fast... Just one more year of elementary school and she's off to high school.


He looks innocent, doesn't he?! He is a big tease and is so much fun! We will be celebrating Trevor's birthday on Tuesday, so soon we'll post some pictures of his big party! He's not really focused on one character as a theme for his birthday... He just wants a "normal" birthday. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Anthony started swimming with Swim Neptune, a competitive swim team, and is having a great time--and is winning ribbons!! (Here he is with his good friend, Nate.) His best stroke is breast stroke, but when he has the choice of which strokes to swim, he prefers to work on the other strokes so he can continue to get better and better. So far (in 3 meets), he's won 10 ribbons for his 10 races: 1 first place, 5 second place, 2 third place, 1 fourth place, and 1 fifth place. Way to go Anthony!!! He's small, but he's fast! (He even qualified for the championship meet, but we were out of town... Next year!!) Here is a video of one of his races where he started out in 2nd place and finished in first! (He's in lane 1.)


We've spent a lot of time at Rio Vista Park for Drew's baseball games... Arrowhead Little League played four games these past few weeks and won them all! Now they are the District 2 Champions and will be going to Kingman, AZ to compete in the state tournament. Good luck Drew!!!