Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is Lauren. I told my mom she needed to write a new post since it has been forever (2 months! Insane...), but she said she didn't have anything to post about. :) So I decided I would write something for her while she's tucking my adorable, little brothers in! ;) Hmm...Well, our Christmas was good. We mostly just spent time with family.
Drew just turned 12 and gets very excited each Sunday to pass the sacrament. He is on a travel baseball team, so he spends lots of time practicing. Anthony just started basketball, he still does swimming and he has been taking piano lessons since the beginning of the school year. Trevor loves playing out in the front yard with our neighbors and is obsessed with Club Penguin. I have been spending quite a lot of time at my friend Brooklynn's house. She has a show on YouTube called "The Dora Show" and she is making a Dora Movie that is coming out on February 16. I'm in it :) They are pretty entertaining to us, although we are goofy teenagers after-all. ;) Well, I better go get ready for bed! School tomorrow...

Lauren :D