Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Lauren...again.

My mom had mentioned to me this week that she remembered her Blogger password, so I figured I would go to the blog to see if she had posted anything... Nope! But it was still logged on, so I thought I would do her a favor and post something. (Although it's getting pretty late and I have some summer reading to I'm going to keep this short!)

We have been in Indiana for just over two weeks now. It is SO pretty here. The weather has been really nice these last couple of days. Everything is going surprisingly smoothly! The ward is great and the boys and I have made some friends already. We've been keeping pretty busy with all the unpacking, but our house is starting to finally look [kinda sorta] like a home! We also got registered for school and Drew and I got to choose our classes for this year. (Ah!) It's all a little nerve-racking, but it'll be okay. Wish me luck in AP US History...sheesh.

Our house is so much bigger than what we're used to! We can no longer just yell someone's name across the house and expect them to hear we got an intercom system. :) It's hooked up to the house phone and it is brilliant. We all have our own rooms which is great. But what's even greater is the fact that I have my OWN bathroom AND walk-in closet. My room is on the main level, Drew has the basement bedroom, and then my parents, Anthony, and Trevor are all upstairs. Has my mom told you about their closet?! L i t e r a l l y bigger than my room. I'm so jealous...but hey, I can't complain.

Well, sorry, but that's as much blogging as I'm up to doing for tonight. I'll teach my mom how to post on here and maybe she can tell you all the rest. :)

We miss and love all of you guys in Arizona!


P.S. You're welcome, Mom. :)