Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mom's Shared Journal, Week 2

Week 2: March 26, 2017

We’re all on a journey—and will be for a long time!  I was reminded of this today when someone shared the story of a well-known successful company that doesn’t ever feel satisfied with the status quo: they say, “we’re only 1% there.”  One way they keep this feeling going with their employees is to never finish the ceilings in the offices; this way they can give off the same vibe as a startup company. This got me thinking:  we’re all really just “startups”—no matter how long we’ve been “in business.” I just turned 51—not so young—but I’m still a startup.  :)  This way of looking at life helps in two ways:  it helps me avoid becoming complacent and satisfied enough with what I’ve accomplished, but, it also gives me encouragement to know that even if I mess up and make mistakes, it’s not over!  I can keep on working and improving each day. 

This past week when I was definitely feeling like a “startup”—so unsure of many things—I read a quote from President Monson: “Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.” Isn’t that the truth?! Doubting is so easy when life feels hard. It comes without effort. It’s the “natural man” to doubt instead of have faith.  And I noticed that once doubt kicks in, it’s so much easier to let other things like jealousy, anger, and sadness take over. When this happens, I tend to let my imagination go, creating in my mind an alternate reality, thinking things are worse than they really are. After feeling all these negative emotions, I quickly reminded myself that I don’t want those feelings in my heart. I want to be full of faith and hope and to see things as they truly are.  So I was very grateful for a Bible video I came across at just the right time before letting my false reality spiral out of control.  The scriptural reference is John 16.  The specific verse that I needed to hear is verse 33:  “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”  So, we’re told that through tribulation, we should be of good cheer.  The world would say this doesn’t make sense; it’s not logical.  And without the Savior, the world would be right.  But, because of Him and what He did for us, it’s not only possible but it’s reality:  things as they really and truly are!

So, this week I’m grateful for the visual reminder of my unfinished ceiling.  I still have time to work on developing faith and hope and to see things as they truly are.

I love you all!  So much!   

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